Ferris Wheel- An untold saga

That was the second time I drank beer. I was upset and cursing myself for all what I had done for her. I was angry at myself. I even cried. It was almost one year since we met. I didn't give up any chance of understanding her. She too understood me but was not taking my feelings seriously. But on the other side I was melting and burning in her love. Finally I decided to not to talk with her ever. I went to Suresh and told him all about what happened. Suresh was the person who always supported me timely and encouraged my faith in love. When I told him everything even he advised me to leave her. My mind took his advice seriously but heart was in pain. Suresh was an occasional drinker. I told him I want to drink so that my soul get relaxed. That soul who always hated drinkers. We bought two bottles of beer with chips and sat inside Suresh's room. He played soft music on his speakers. The light was dim. He made all the environment set. After drinking I headed toward my room. He followed me saying I would fall down. He dropped me to my room and again I started to open my broken heart's pieces and told him my decision. He understood my situation completely and forced me to make the last call. I called but nobody answered. Suresh went to his room. I was alone and in some effect of beer. I tried again because I badly wanted to hear her voice. This time she picked up.
" Hi"
"You didn't called me from the whole day. what happened??? Everything alright???"
She didn't know what she has done to me. Her last words again came in my head and a wave of pain striked into it. So I started directly.
"This is the last time I am asking you and I won't be there in your life more to ask you again"
After this  told her everything, every moment we had spent together and my efforts behind those moments to make them special ones. I started from the first day and ended at the last talk we had.
She was silent, just listening to me.
" Either you will be mine or I will be gone from your life forever and today forever means forever"
" I will think over it. I need time"
" I can't give you months or years like I had given you before. Tell me now"
" OK I will tell you tomorrow"
" I will call you in the morning, bye"
That night I didn't wished her good night. That was the first time in  nine months...
               to be continued....
© Abhishek Dudeja 2013


  1. nice work.. I can sense a fine book cooking.. keep it up.. :)

  2. dude m eagerly waiting for the to be continued part ..
    nice suspense created .. and nice story .. from this chapter of your book .. m really sure that this book will surely be a huge success ... :) :) :)


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