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We get hurt , when we expect. Expectation is the main cause for broken heart. The love and care we give to special ones are expected to come with an  interest. Expectations are the producers of tears. Its being said "Don't expect, Just give". But don't we have the right to be loved as we love them ? Not equal but at least some. I don't know why people ignore those who care them and care who doesn't even think about them. This whole thing is going in the chain. The first person loves second who don't even give him a damn  the second loves third who loves forth and go on... So what should we do to break this chain ? We have an option, everybody has an option i.e. to love the person who loves us and this is how love stories are made. So "Have expectations, Its your right but from the person who deserves you and values your love"

Abhishek Dudeja


  1. nice article....really yar expectations causes of tears,broken hearts </3.

  2. Thank you Tushar for your comment :)


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