ELOHIM | I and People

In the tick tick of the clock
with the fan at the height
when my life was in downs and downs
Oh my soul you showed me the light

When my friends were chair, table, walls
and the clothes in the hangers
me crying cursing my fate
Oh my friend you sent your angels

In the lane of flowers and stars
where love was like just a trend
I was walking alone in dark
Oh my Aphrodite, you became my friend

When I was rolled in the sheet of sadness
confidence was as low as a dimmer
You were the who bought me happiness
like the cold breeze in the summer

Now my life is smooth as butter
as you are all around
where I see I feel you
in people, in animals, in birds making sound

At last please light a candle of love
that burns the lusty dirt
via this cadence I thank to the people
as you are living inside their hearts



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