A friend-ship has sunk.
 It was made of the paper which actually I was believing wood. A lot of time I got queries about "who is your inspiration for writing poems?". I couldn't answer earlier but now I can answer that I and my inspiration was on that ship.
We both are alive but lost directions..
Sometime a little spark can burn the house of your dreams, which you had created in steps with love n care.
I can't judge if I was wrong or she was but there will be no "good poetry" on my blog.
"Deep oceans are more affected by the quakes"
In the past months, I had laughed so heartedly which I missed in my entire life..
God sent me an angel and I still believe she is still one, I lost her.
Love is immortal whether it's for a mate or a friend.
Good Bye Angel !!!
I hope you will change the world of some other Abhishek....


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  1. oka ji...btw girls will be girls...A name "Abhishek" will be add in the My Dictionary..Thanx buddy..:)


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