If the root of a plant is weak, how can we be sure about the fruit. The same thing is applicable in relationships. When the foundation or initiation is not strong and is doubt able, how can we say that relationship will last forever. True lover is hard to find in this world. Love is just a game for many and is equally played from both sides. I have a recent example, a fresh one. Now a days I am residing in Chandigarh as P.G. Two guys are staying in the room next to mine. They are free monkeys who came to the city for aish. They threw their mobile numbers tied on a stone toward a house just opposite to mine in which Girls reside as Paying Guests. Next day they got a call from a girl from that opposite house. After couple of hours, one of them got into a relationship, how fast na. Exactly after 7 days, that girl and the boy slept together. After 15 days, the boys went back to their hometown, ended that LOVE. And the girl lives
This is how relationship works in this fast moving world. Coming back to the topic.....
If we can't trust a person before a relationship, we should give him/her a chance. But if we already know that person who has bad past records and not trust worthy then we should not  take a risk when the reality is just in front of the eyes. Don't make yourself regret after weeks or months.
Keep one thing in mind that " we get a virgin-heart only once in a life, once its broken, then the heart is just a heart...."



  1. Just a heart ? Nice man !

  2. excelent yar...
    specially {" we get a virgin-heart only once in a life, once its broken, then the heart is just a heart....""}

  3. I've surfed the net more than three hours today, and your blog was the coolest of all. Thanks a lot, it is really useful to me

  4. Actually, I also feel that people are too casual with relationships..just a time pass funda,,they even acknowledge k koi future nahi hai, jab tak hai mast hai...and then people forget and live..wonder how do they do that..

    Either the world is moving too fast, or I am too slow..Nice post btw..:)


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