I was stuck
in this round ChocoPie
when I tried
to find a thing called love

with no description
not even a word
but everyone mentions
that it touches the heart

I didn't know
how it look like
my mind got a blow
when I thought of operating the heart

It may be like a needle or lancet
that is how it can reach the heart
or may be like knife or bullet
so that it can get to the heart

I was going
round & round
thinking and thinking
about the love

From all the searching
I saw a bunch of light
it was twinkling
and was so bright

I stepped toward it
with the chocolate on my shoe
slowly slowly bit by bit
finally I touched it

And I got lost
had a different feeling
which I missed the most
that's a new world

The world where
the people were not selfish
not as like here
they didn't show they genuinely care

Suddenly I realised
I was in the past
where things were used and people were loved
away from this fast-baked ChocoPie



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