What is love???
The answer(I wrote earlier too) is: It is just flow of chemicals in the body, nothing else. In today's time everyone is running to get love (love marathon: this world is a race), everyone is finding love ( where it is? I had just put it in my cupboard). Some are peeping into their own lives to get love (something which is not present). Some are waiting in a queue( He/She is commited. God please do their break-up). Some are penning down poetries & shayris( main shayar to nahi, magar eh haseen, jab se maine dekha tujhko, mukjko shayri aa gayi). Some are searching in dreams (searchingwhilesleeping.com). But all of them are not getting love(ohhh :( ......), not found a lover( So where is the LOVE??? Has it lost somewhere???Went to some other planet??? NO love is still here around us but hidden behind the lust( most common example: Bhabhi hai teri ), fearing of the untrustful users.
 When I see around me, on the love road of the college, I don't even get few inches to sit as it is already full with the love birds(they call themselves). But after when the college ends, settled in diffrent cities, with busy routines , when I talk to them about their love affair, the reply is yr that time I was a child. No love-shove was their between us. It was just timepass. It was childhood. I know many people reading this will say that what rubbish I am talking about, we are in TRUE LOVE....blah blah. So the conclusion to their views is that EITHER I AM RIGHT OR LOVE HAS CHANGED ITS DEFINATION....



  1. At times I also get confused with the same question..

    village girl

  2. Yeah Abhishek,you are right...If we see ...love is everywhere..but wht abt a TRUE LOVE?

  3. Love definitely has changed its definition over a period of time

  4. Thought provoking.
    Amazing words!


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