Sorry!!! This five letter word has power to melt strong hearts. But, To say sorry, the person must have "DUM". Sometimes I just feel to say sorry to someone, because I think, I had done something bad with him/her and a lot of times I get replies like "why sorry" "sorry for what" "hey leave it, don't be sorry for such small things". But these small things becomes disasters in future. There are also cases like 'when I had not done any mistake', in those cases I say sorry to just make the argument settle down and in worst cases I feel sorry to myself.
In my life, I have a lot of examples, like one happened today,when my neighbor came to me to feel sorry for what he had done few days back and I accepted his apologize. On the meantime one thing was pinching me from last night that I must not said something to a friend, may be he has noticed or not, but I felt, so I said sorry.
Friends, life is so short that we don't have time to be with friends, then why to take revenge from enemies. I had turned many enemies to my friends this is just with this magical wand, one among them is my room-mate and we are now best buddies.
Waking up late is my habit. Many a times I go late to college just because of my this bloody habit. On every that day, I feel sorry to my Dad and my Mom as I am also breaking their dream. Sorry is not just a word, its an AMRIT to keep one's soul clean.
"A person doesn't get small by saying Sorry but he gets confidence to face himself in the mirror"

So how many of you are going to say sorry to someone.......



  1. Wonderful words for a wonderful word...
    i love asking sorry, as you perfectly quoted :)
    agree with you !

  2. thankyou @Dee..... for your as usual grrrt comments....

  3. agreed... i too hate to say sorry but ofcourse expect a sorry.. i alwws feel sorry would make me low before the other person :)

    Gud writing..

  4. You are absolutely right... nice article...

  5. nice post Abhishek and you are right - sorry is a word very much needed but in most cases "ego" comes in between while using it

  6. really nice yar....
    n i agree wid u my frnd....

  7. Totally with you buddy... nice one..

  8. Lovely read...I just said sorry to someone...guess that was pending for some time now...


  9. Thank you Smile, Shah Nawaz, Sujatha, Ishan, Himanshu and C'est Moi for your comments..... :) :)


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