The Secret Of My Life

"Life moves, as you wish"
Wish, everyone wishes something special in his/her life. Somebody money or somebody health or somebody a better half. Wishes keep us connected with our dream-city, our dream world. Wishes keep us alive. They give us strength to face the negativity of real world, at least to me. I recently got a secret to live life, the way I want. I just wish something and after a time, that thing/person is with me just like the Aladdin's Lamp. Now the future of my life depends on what I wish with a full heart. I know that you don't believe me. You will think that I am a fool who is talking about Aladdin's Lamp in this modern-techno world. But dude, trust me, this thing works!!! Just try it out. Just wish something passionately.As its been said,
"Insaan apni taqdeer khud likhta hai"
But we don't need any magic pencil to write our future, we just need to think about it, wish about it then that wish will automatically gets attracted towards you....

"Today what you are thinking,
what your are wishing, 
what you are feeling 
will make your future", believe me or not......


  1. SImply superb
    Liked the last lines very much :)

  2. Thankyou MR Dee...... for such a superb comment... :)


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