may be sun will shine again.....

WOW something strange is happening. Finally I got my smile back after fighting with myself. Love is nothing for me now. No importance for this murderer from today. Life is a game so I played it and its over, I lost one part of my soul in this lap of time. But now my other part is independent, I am enjoying my new freedom. But my new smile is not as it used to. Now its for others so that they cant see the lost part of me. Anyways I recovered myself in a short time. I locked my heart in the treasure box and had thrown that box in the depth of my soul but I fear of the crack which is there which she made on it recently. I lost that capability of writing anything. Now it takes a lot of time to write a single line about the passed incidents. My body shivers when I think of writing about that golden days. I know it will take time to get settled but how much that I don't know. Now it doesn't feel good when I go to meet God at his home, it feels lonely. The excitement which was there in the mind, has flied off. But there is a ray of hope in this dark dense forest that Sun will shine again and this time even more brighter. I am alive on this hope and I hope that this hope will not give hopeless results.......

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  1. Its a great thing that u came over bro... Don't worry, Things will get on a right path soon... :) :) Cheerio..!!
    And nice work on the new look.. Its fab.. :)


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