Facebook, everybody knows about it, but not the truth. Facebook leads us from stranger to friend and may be friend to lover. Now a days people are sharing emotions on Facebook. It is the first book in the world who has so many readers and the readers are increasing like the traffic in the traffic-jam. But the fact is that flow of emotions has increased to such an extend that the end of the Facebook journey leads to a horrible depression. There are millions of people around the globe which are depressed just because of social networking sites like Facebook. Their life has become a living hell. When I visit the wall post by my friends I find there the lost Lovers waiting for the Mr. or Ms. Perfect of their life, sounds disgusting. How can people fall in love over Facebook. Facebook is meant to be used by fingers but it is making people dance on its fingers. Love statuses, couple pictures, love story links shouldn't be there, they make the Facebook full of dirty clouds. The dumb people don't know the value of Love in this war world. Love can do miracles if it is used at good place. Everybody has a crush which crushes them but one should not get sad over this because God has created people in pairs, in love birds. When I switch ON the Facebook. which I do every single day, the only thing I get is dozens of depressed , frustrated people passing the negative waves on Facebook and these waves effects the happy & cheerful persons like me. So be happy be cheerful and enjoy the emotions, don't let overcome them.Don't jealous with the small world of happiness and achievements of other people. If somebody doesn't adds you, don;t get frustrated. Even there are lots of people who gets frustration if they get less likes,sounds funny. Stop the flow of  feelings over the INTERNET. Live the life with enjoyment and let others do the same....
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  1. absolutely right hai my friend.

  2. Nice theory.. And an exact one... Good Job.. :)

  3. Somdyuti ChakrabortyDecember 19, 2011 at 5:23 PM

    its A B S O L U T E L Y True..........


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