When I saw her my whole day blossoms with the pleasant fragrance of her. Stars started twinkling around me and I couldn't think of anyone else. And Today just before entering the college i met her. A very big smile on my face came automatically. But she was not such happy as the usual , that made me tensed , just a small duplicate smile, why?? Was she going from the bad era of time? What could be the problems she is facing?? Of course i had to ask her I need to ask her b'coz I was her friend, rather i would like to say a chat friend, a friend who was not the part of the chain which she wears rather i was locket who was just placed aside because i didn't get fit into her schedule. She always told me about fun she did, jokes they cracked, then why didn't she wanted me to be part of her worries. Yes there are some that is why she didn't talk to me the whole day. She should know that she could me tell all about the stuff which was hurting her. In other aspects I had a wonderful day with the co-curricular activities but she was there on my mind at every second.......
And this line for her , " If you ever look at this blog post accidentally please don't ask me about this, because I have no answers for your queries"


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