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Her sensual voice woke me up teasing and giving me chills. She singing the song
“Kya dekhte ho”
“Kya chahte ho”
and me madly forgetting the lyrics trying to complete it and then her angry looks. 
Every love story has those heart touching songs and this was our song. We used to sing together and have our small romantic moments:
“Kya dekhte ho”
“Surat tumhari”
“Kya chahte ho”
“Chahat tumhari”
“Na jo mai Kehdu”
“Kehna sakogi”
“Lagti nahi neeyat theek tumhari”
and we used to laugh together after this. 
She never liked me as a singer and I reluctantly agreed that she sings better than me because I wanted this everyday. Who in this world wouldn’t like to wake like that? 
and what about the rest of the days when she gets me a bedside tea (which she hated) and trying to wake me up, holding my hand carefully, very carefully, slightly bending over the sleepy me and putting my fingers in that very cup. 
“Aaaahhhhhh” the screaming me
and with the devil smile she singing 

“Kya dekhte ho...”

Hello! - Ferris Wheel | I and people

This paragraph is a part of Ferris Wheel series. You can read the rest here:

29th April, 2018

After 2 months I called her from a VOIP number today not to talk but to listen to her voice making sure that she is alive and doing well. I never heard her saying hello deeply. I could even hear the breathing she was taking between repeating just hello. I was hoping she might recognise this and will call me with the name she used to. I even thought she might call me on my real number but none of that happened. I couldn’t tell her although the 500 days have past I still think of her in every breath I take. I being silent on the phone remained silent in her life.

to be continued..

Salty droplets | I and people

Salty droplets by Abhishek Dudeja 

Salty droplets came again 
In the crowd heard your name
Heart shrank and bursted high
I can never ask you why?

Some questions remain unsolved
Just like your natural curls
Pictures of us I saw yesterday
One year has passed away 

Last picture was so deep
Weird was face and so was cheek
I could see your screaming eyes
For you time too was not so nice

I am tired but not my hope
An year and 10 days on top
For old memories sake
Mind is planning your birthday cake

Your fading voice leaving my place
Want to finish this endless chase
Meeting different you is I fear

Uncertain future so is the tear

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Forever you | I and people

Jungles, seas, mountains, sky 
Oh my angel where did you fly
Leaving behind the story incomplete 
My heart has forgot its rhythmic beat 

Days are dark and nights with nightmares
Searching around here and there
Just your fragrance in my soul
Piece of heart someone stole

Are you with him sitting so high?
Flapping wings in the sky
Assigned duty considering me brave
With flowers decorating your grave

Still talking endless souls
Planting kisses on your moles
I can still feel your pinches
The distance is just 20 inches

I am sitting right next to you
Are you listening concrete through?
Freezing nights seeing owls 
Morning I saw two walking souls

Silent you and a happy me
Stone body sitting free
Hand held so tight leaving never

Dead but we lived forever

Then she died | I and people

Being a queen
Turning stranger
Faded memories
And then she died

-Abhishek Dudeja

Our Story | iandpeople.com

Start of college
A confusion grew
The girl I liked
Was similar to you

Partially saw her in a bus
Sitting idly
Her hair her face
Like Ginny Weasley

Barely speaking
And so calm
spelled Accio
The summoning charm

Struggling to see
Her face
Destination came
End was the race

Later the week
I saw you
That partial face
Resembled you

We laughed we loved
Enjoyed and went insane
That’s how

Our story began

-Abhishek Dudeja

The Poor King | I and People

Darkness around
the land is dry,
Rainbow lights head above
and its raining in the sky.

Reasons to be happy all around
as if I won the race,
soul is weeping deep inside
and that made upset dulled face.

Fresh petals, blooming fragrance
in my hand holding the rose,
red hands liquid draining
thorns bit them so close

Right now feeling like
I am king of the world
imprisoned inside in the coffer
tied with gold and is furled

© Abhishek Dudeja 2015





I can’t rush it like a rider spurring his horse
It comes when it wills
I keep waiting and capturing it when it does

Like a rare cloud showering over the endless desert
I try to collect the rain water in the roof
of my house in the wasteland

It has no pity nor love
It wanders bondfree and lustfree
I can’t attract it with tears or sighs

Stop chasing it when I do
It teases with fresh drops
It refreshes my soul

and out come the words
out comes the destiny


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All rights reserved with the Poet....

That Kiss in the Rain | iandpeople.com

It is a tale
of the curvy lane
It is a tale about
That Kiss in the Rain

We were walking 
around a bay.
Crispy talking
and the weather was grey.

That place had a beautiful sight
as God was the composer.
Flashes flashes thundering lights
that made her closer.

Birds were going back to home
as the winds were swinging.
Just we two were left alone
and on tree, a Koel was singing

Suddenly She stopped at a point
knotting hairs which were flying
With no air we made a joint
and we looked into each others eyes

Then I lifted her on toes
locked my hands & made a chain
Met our lips in a motion slow
and this was that Kiss in the Rain.

© Abhishek Dudeja 2013

Kashti | iandpeople.com

"Kora hai Kagaz
Kashti bani hai
Likhdo har baat
jo dil main adi hai"

© Abhishek Dudeja 2013

Erotic Love | I and People.com

Lying Naked
On the Bed of Clouds
Angel in a side
and Making Love

Excitement in that Kiss
the Thirsty Lips
The Point where
Two oceans meet

Touching the soul
with Pain and Pleasure
like Walking on the Mountains
with Ambition and Tiredness

At last of the Game
Yours shinning Face
and an Another Curve on it
is Refreshment after the Rain

© Abhishek Dudeja 2013

खिलवाड़ | iandpeople

हाँ  खिलवाड़ खुद रोज़ मै अपने साथ करता हूँ ,
तेरी याद में तड़पता दिन रात आहें भरता हूँ ।
हर बार कोशिश करता हूँ तूं दिल से निकल जाए ,
पर फिर मर कर तुझी से प्यार करता हूँ ।
हाँ  खिलवाड़ खुद रोज़ मै अपने साथ करता हूँ ।।

"चिराग "  रहता है ग़मगीन मुस्कुराहटो के तले ,
तेरी यादों से मुलाकातें शरे  आम करता हूँ ।
टूट जाता हूँ याद  कर बेवफाई तेरी,
वफ़ा फिर भी हर पल तेरे साथ करता हूँ ।
हाँ  खिलवाड़ खुद रोज़ मै अपने साथ करता हूँ ।।

तूँ  कहती है मेरे गीतों में है बस उदासी छिपी ,
अरे मैं तो दर्द-ए दिल अपना बयाँ करता हूँ ।
मेरे रब से मुझे मिलाने की,
तेरे रब को हर पल अर्ज़ियाँ करता हूँ  ।
हाँ  खिलवाड़ खुद रोज़ मै अपने साथ करता हूँ ।।

आ मिल जा बस आ मिल जा तूँ ,
साँस  साँस में यही दुआ करता हूँ ।
सब कुछ बाकी ,हो गया बेमतलब,
बस तेरे लिए ही जीता मरता हूँ ।

यही खिलवाड़ खुद रोज़ मै अपने साथ करता हूँ ,
बेइंतहा तुझ से प्यार करता हूँ ।।

हाँ  खिलवाड़ खुद रोज़ मै अपने साथ करता हूँ ।।

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Splendid Beauty | i and people

Splendid Beauty

Twist and Turns | i and people



Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder | i and people.com

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder : 

A Glimps of Nature | i and people


Thank you Srishty for sending us a beautiful piece of art.
Srishty has used oil pastels for these amazing effects.

Ferris Wheel- An untold saga

That was the second time I drank beer. I was upset and cursing myself for all what I had done for her. I was angry at myself. I even cried. It was almost one year since we met. I didn't give up any chance of understanding her. She too understood me but was not taking my feelings seriously. But on the other side I was melting and burning in her love. Finally I decided to not to talk with her ever. I went to Suresh and told him all about what happened. Suresh was the person who always supported me timely and encouraged my faith in love. When I told him everything even he advised me to leave her. My mind took his advice seriously but heart was in pain. Suresh was an occasional drinker. I told him I want to drink so that my soul get relaxed. That soul who always hated drinkers. We bought two bottles of beer with chips and sat inside Suresh's room. He played soft music on his speakers. The light was dim. He made all the environment set. After drinking I headed toward my room. He followed me saying I would fall down. He dropped me to my room and again I started to open my broken heart's pieces and told him my decision. He understood my situation completely and forced me to make the last call. I called but nobody answered. Suresh went to his room. I was alone and in some effect of beer. I tried again because I badly wanted to hear her voice. This time she picked up.
" Hi"
"You didn't called me from the whole day. what happened??? Everything alright???"
She didn't know what she has done to me. Her last words again came in my head and a wave of pain striked into it. So I started directly.
"This is the last time I am asking you and I won't be there in your life more to ask you again"
After this  told her everything, every moment we had spent together and my efforts behind those moments to make them special ones. I started from the first day and ended at the last talk we had.
She was silent, just listening to me.
" Either you will be mine or I will be gone from your life forever and today forever means forever"
" I will think over it. I need time"
" I can't give you months or years like I had given you before. Tell me now"
" OK I will tell you tomorrow"
" I will call you in the morning, bye"
That night I didn't wished her good night. That was the first time in  nine months...
               to be continued....
© Abhishek Dudeja 2013

Tanhaai.. Aaj fir teri yaad aai.... | I and People

Tanhaai... Tanhaai.. Tanhaai.. 
Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. 

Barso se pyasa hu tere pyar ka, 
Ab tak sirf dard hi saha hai inteezaar ka.. 
Ha thodi khushi bhi thi sang aayi.. 
Par fir reh gayi Tanhai, sirf Tanhai.. 
Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. 
Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. 

Na jaane mai kis disha me jar ha hu.. 
Har jagah manzil tujhe bna rha hu.. 
Bas ik tera saath hi chaah rha hu.. 
Isi chaah si hai maine kamaai.. 
Ye tanhaai.. 
Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. 
Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. 

Bada ajab sa kissa yaha chal rha hai, 
Is daur me ho kar bhi “CHIRAG” ab tak jal rha hai.. 
So baar samjhaya, par dil ko samajh fir na aai.. 
Rota hai , Bikharta hai fir dua karta hai.. 
Aur milti hai bas.. 
Tanhaai.. Tanhaai.. Tanhaai... 
Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. 
Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. 

Dil bhar gaya itna ,
ki aaj aankh chhalak aayi.. 
Nam aankho me.. Bas teri hi thi parchaayi.. 
Aur saath judi thi.. 
Tanhaai... Tanhaai.. Tanhaai... 
Aakhir Kyu teri yaad aai..?!! 

under Guest Posting

All rights reserved with the Poet..

If I am dying tomorrow i.e. 21/12/2012 | I and People

If I am dying tomorrow
I want it to be in your arms
Looking in your eyes
Painless and calm

If God is calling me
I will move with no hesitation
No dreams no wishes
As I am holding my world, his creation

If he will give me the hell
I will not object
I just found my heaven
I don’t care about the rest

I will be above the clouds
And my love will be with you, I swear
If you ever cry
I will take a rebirth to wipe your tears

Abhishek Dudeja

Expectation : Its Your RIGHT | Iandpeople

We get hurt , when we expect. Expectation is the main cause for broken heart. The love and care we give to special ones are expected to come with an  interest. Expectations are the producers of tears. Its being said "Don't expect, Just give". But don't we have the right to be loved as we love them ? Not equal but at least some. I don't know why people ignore those who care them and care who doesn't even think about them. This whole thing is going in the chain. The first person loves second who don't even give him a damn  the second loves third who loves forth and go on... So what should we do to break this chain ? We have an option, everybody has an option i.e. to love the person who loves us and this is how love stories are made. So "Have expectations, Its your right but from the person who deserves you and values your love"

Abhishek Dudeja

Missing you | I and People

I miss that beautiful face..
Attractive charming I love to chase...
I miss that loud grin..
Settled happily on that cute chin...
I miss those deep little eyes..
Telling stories but never lies...
I miss those very slow walks..
Never ending late night talks...
I miss those sweet scoldings..
Waking you up to say good morning...
I miss giving you chocolates..
Which u always hesitated to take...
I miss that watch from balcony..
Distance too far which looked so funny...
Moments with you I wanted to freeze..
Every second they give me a tease..
Don't dare to cry the sweetest candy...
My heart behaves new york your tears like sandy...
God is with you so, bad time he will drain...
I am missing you so much like deserts miss rain...


Pause For a While | I and People

Time isn't looking good
I am in a bad mood
after walking many miles
I thought I should have a
pause for a while

Tension is the only creation
Whole day the old relation
with someone I shared smiles
Now my memories should have a
pause for a while

After this, there will be a change
Some hearts will be geting exchanged
I pray that luck will be mine
and loneliness will have a
pause for a while

But the fate can be opposite
Holding the heart I will be crying on the seat
A change will be there in my life-style
then my happiness will have a
pause for a while

I am lying with crossed fingers
Playing with words like a singer
God's number getting dialed
I hope my pain will have a
pause for a while

Copyrights: Abhishek Dudeja

ELOHIM | I and People

In the tick tick of the clock
with the fan at the height
when my life was in downs and downs
Oh my soul you showed me the light

When my friends were chair, table, walls
and the clothes in the hangers
me crying cursing my fate
Oh my friend you sent your angels

In the lane of flowers and stars
where love was like just a trend
I was walking alone in dark
Oh my Aphrodite, you became my friend

When I was rolled in the sheet of sadness
confidence was as low as a dimmer
You were the who bought me happiness
like the cold breeze in the summer

Now my life is smooth as butter
as you are all around
where I see I feel you
in people, in animals, in birds making sound

At last please light a candle of love
that burns the lusty dirt
via this cadence I thank to the people
as you are living inside their hearts



"Yes ! I care for her, care than this damn whole world. If she will ever get upset, I will make her smile even if I need to loose my happiness. My soul is meant for her. She lives in it. She owns it. She is my love, my God , my passion. She is that star, the constant one, twinkling in the sky, who inspires me to decorate the words with feelings in the heart and take me with herself to the new but still the known world. "


Copyrights Abhishek Dudeja

Image credit : yaymicro.com